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1. Technical seo

your site is broken. every single brand we work with has technical issues that hold it back. this is the first step to unlocking your growth.

2. keyword research

then, we identify which keywords customers are searching for and converting on in every stage of the funnel.

3. on-page optimization

we optimize your product & collection pages first, so you can start making money sooner. we then build out the rest of the funnel with conversion-focused blog content.

4. backlink building

we ramp up growth with high-powered backlinks, positioning your website as the authority on google.

who we are

i'm kai, the founder of new seas.

i spent years working in agencies that manipulated results & took a generic approach to seo. I wanted to build something different.

if we're going to help scale your brand to 6 & 7-figures, there are a few things you should know about us:we're a small team. you won't be passed off to an account manager, I craft every strategy & work with my team to deliver consistent results.we only work with shopify brands. every DTC unicorn chooses shopify for a reason, we do too. Our strategies are exclusively designed to put your shopify brand on page 1 of google.time is money. SEO is an investment, you've probably even heard that it takes 6-12 months to see results. we break that stereotype, constantly.